October - Eisbein sub-sandwich with mustard

Perfect for a packed lunch or picnic.Theme:  October Fest Time!Less than 15
minutes Serves: 4Recipe Type: Light meals Main Ingredients·       
1 PnP deli eisbein·       
125 ml 
Barbeque Meat Marinade·       
1 PnP bakery baguette·       
45 ml mustard·       
1 mild dill tall gherkins·       
1 handful salad leaves

Method:      ·       
Slice the Eisbein meat off the bone and pull apart.·       
Add marinade to meat and toss.·       
Slice baguette in half and spread with mustard.·       
Layer gherkins and distribute meat.·       
Top with large handfuls of salad leaves.·       
Wrap baguette in wax paper and tie with string.

Slice into 4 pieces and serve