Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia opens store at Dunes Mall, Walvis Bay

The journey of expanding its footprint continues for Pick n Pay (PnP)
Namibia – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group -
with its latest store that opened at the new Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay on
Thursday, 26 October 2016.

Keynote speaker at the official opening of the Dunes Mall Pick n Pay
store, Hon. Benita Imbamba – Regional Councilor of Arandis Constituency:
“Despite the tough economic times, the coast is your ideal investment
opportunity and any investor’s dream, for that matter. From a fantastic
reputation in the exquisite fishing industry; a host of the mining
sector, as well as the potential and growing hub for the entire SADC
Region, Namibia’s coast presents endless opportunities. Not only am I
proud of the efforts made by Pick n Pay Namibia, to contribute to
economic growth, but I also very happy about their dedication to
delivering quality in products and services to the Namibian people.
Service delivery is a key component to the success of the Harambee
Prosperity Plan (HPP), as well as the National Development Plan, and,
when on point, will open even more doors for Namibia. This occasion is
not only the opening of another Pick n Pay store. Today we celebrate
commitment and dedication by a true Namibian asset to growing this
country’s economy.” Hon. Imbamba continued to emphasize that the store
opening celebrates employment opportunities, which is another step
closer to government’s HPP aim of completely eradicating poverty, and
uplifting the livelihood of all Namibians. Imbamba: “A dream which also
directly speaks to the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future,
enhancing life’ for all Namibians. With 23 stores countrywide, employing
close to 2200 people, I can only congratulate Pick n Pay Namibia on the
immense contribution it is making to the growth of our country’s
economy. Not only do we see job opportunities created, but the
involvement of Pick n Pay in the communities in which it operate makes
this company one to be proud of!”

Executive Chairman of the O&L Group, Sven Thieme during his
statement placed emphasis on how milestones such as the opening of
another PnP store contributes to the overall vision of the O&L
Group. Thieme: “O&L is relentless in our pursuit of creating a
sustainable future for all and therefore passionately embrace our
purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians.
Today’s celebration contributes to the O&L Vision metric of creating
4, 000 additional jobs by the year 2019, and I am happy to say that we
are well on track with this target. This addition to the Pick n Pay
store-chain in Namibia also complements our vision of being the most
progressive and inspiring company. Breakthrough leadership is strongly
represented this morning and I am proud of the PnP team for another
achievement on its journey to becoming a leader in its business.”

Managing Director of PnP, Norbert Wurm in his address stressed that
cognizant of the tough economic climate that has had an impact and
continues to impact everyone, he is confident that with the opening of
this store it marks a beacon of hope in the development of Namibia and
particularly the Erongo Region. Wurm: “It is with a proud sense of
accomplishment that I stand here today, in our 20th year operating as
Pick n Pay Namibia, to warmly welcome and introduce you to our unique
next generation PnP which will bring a first-of-its-kind shopping
experience to Namibia, delivering you world-class! Our objective is to
be the retailer of choice in Namibia by focusing on inspiring customer
service, quality products, ranges relevant to our customers, a
world-class shopping experience, community-based social investment
initiatives and expanding our footprint in Namibia. Our valued coastal
shoppers can look forward to a Pick n Pay store offering, everything the
heart desires with our full portfolio including: groceries, clothing, a
liquor store for your convenience, the best fresh departments in town
as well as our Wiesenhof coffee shop where you can sit down and enjoy
the aroma of the best coffee in town and an appetizing meal prepared
with passion!”

Wurm added that as part of PnP’s commitment to Corporate Social
Responsibility, PnP Dunes Mall has committed to assist the Jonah Home
for Children that houses children from disadvantaged communities with a
Pick n Pay grocery voucher to the value of N$1000 every month for the
next year. The first voucher was handed over to the Jonah Home at the
opening of the store.

PnP Dunes Mall employs 101 Namibians of which 46 are new recruitments.