September - Bockwurst and summer slaw

A quick lunch; perfect for picnics, too.Less than 45
minutes Serves: 4Recipe Type: Mains Main Ingredients·       
4 Windhoek Schlagterei Bockwurst/Wiener Würtschen
sausages ·       
5ml Olive oil·       
300 grams PnP coleslaw mix (pre-cut mix)·       
30 grams PnP watercress or coriander·       
8 PnP radishes, finely sliced·       
125 ml PnP mayonnaise·       
125 ml low-fat yoghurt·       
30 grams German mustard·       
50 grams PnP flaked almonds,·       
2 green apples Method:·       
Score sausages with a small knife, being careful
not to cut all the way through.·       
Pan-fry sausages in oil until heated through.·       
Toss together slaw ingredients.·       
Mix together mayonnaise, yoghurt and mustard and
toss through slaw.

Serve scattered with almonds, with sausages on the