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Smart Shopper Terms and Conditions


  1. Being a registered member of the Smart Shopper Program signifies your agreement to the below Terms and Conditions as accepted on registration. Pick n Pay Retailers Pty Ltd (“PnP”) reserves the right to alter or change these Terms and Conditions or to terminate it at any point without prior notification.
  2. In the event of termination, all benefits will be valid for 30 days from termination.
  3. By providing your personal information to us, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Statement which forms part of our agreement with you.
  4. In the event you wish to exit from the Smart Shopper Program, you will have to contact the PnP Smart Shopper Customer Care team, at +264 800 500 500.
  5. Any abuse of or fraudulent activity using the PnP Smart Shopper card constitutes a criminal offence
    and PnP reserves the right to cancel such person’s membership.
  6. PnP does not issue Smart Shopper Cards to minors under the age of 18 (eighteen). PnP, its organisers, promoters, partners and agencies do not bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, accident, and death or asset damage howsoever arising from inclusion or participation in the Smart Shopper Program.
  7. PnP accepts no responsibility for the theft or loss of your Smart Shopper card. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your Smart Shopper card and your online Smart Shopper profile’s username and password safe and secure.


  1. The Smart Shopper card is issued by and remains the property of the Pick n Pay Group or any of its subsidiary or associated companies, reserving the right to decline, issue and withdraw at any time.
  2. The Smart Shopper card is not transferable.
  3. For all lost, stolen or damaged Smart Shopper cards, contact your Smart Shopper Customer Care Line at +264 800 500 500.


  1. In the event that the Smart Shopper Loyalty system is offline, you will not be able to redeem discounts. In the event of a technical, system(s) or network failure as well as system upgrades, Smart Shopper Smart Price cash-off discounts will not be processed and/or issued retrospectively.


  1. Smart Shopper customers will not earn rewards or get discounts on: tobacco and tobacco related products, prescription pharmaceutical goods, baby formula (0-36 months), pre-paid airtime and data, PnP Gift Card and top up, PnP Wallet top-up, money transfer, third party services and payments which include, but are not limited to prepaid electricity


  1. The Smart Shopper Loyalty Program tailors its offers to meet a customer’s specific needs. To achieve tailored offers and facilitate the earning of certain benefits (such as the accrual of points)
    via PnP’s partners, customer information is collected (limited to facilitate the intended purpose) and
    analysed in accordance with our Privacy Statement.
  2. Discounts may be redeemed at any PnP store within The Republic of Namibia against a linked valid Smart Shopper card.
  3. Discounts will only be valid prior to the expiry date indicated on the discounts.